Using Smack xmpp lib on Android with Netbeans

Android + XMPP + Netbeans

Last week i got my Android phone and finally started coding for a mobile phone (which really is a great experience and lot’s of fun).

During my daylight work i’m using xmpp in different projects and tools and so i would really like to use it on the Android phone also. In the java world there is a really neat library called smack from ignite realtime which makes using xmpp a piece of cake and so i asked myself if it would also run on android?

Yes it does…BUT…you need a patched version that i found on the net…
In Eclipse it seems to be easy to link a external library to a android project but in Netbeans i was not so intuitively as i thought…
You need three little steps to include a external library like smack and here they are:

#1 STEP:

Create a local folder named „lib“ in your Android project folder like this:

lib folder in project directory

Now copy the patched smack.jar file into this folder. weiterlesen