30.7.: Clojure Presentation with Alex Ott

Clojure is a language running on the Java Virtual machine and gaining rapid popularity. Beeing a general-purpose language supporting interactive development that encourages a functional programming style, and simplifying multithreaded programming its usage is particularly promising in high concurrency/throughput environments.Alex Ott will present Clojure in a technical demonstration on Friday, July 30th in Muenster, covering these topics:

  • What is Clojure?
  • Why was the language was created
  • Language basics
  • Interoperability with Java
  • Concurrent programming – how Clojure simplify concurrent programming
  • Clojure in real life – tools, real projects, etc.
  • Sources of information
  • Examples & demonstrations

Alex Ott is currently working for McAfee Inc. and has profounded experience in development of content filtering and data leakage prevention solutions. He is leader of software development projects in the OpenSource and commercial space and is author of physics and computer science related articles and books.

The Clojure event will be performed at Leonardo Campus 18 (Google Maps Link), entry is at 6 PM, start is 6:30 PM. (18:00 Uhr)

Beverages and some snacks will be provided. Follow us on Twitter (JUG_MS) or join our Mailing List to keep up to date!


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