Talk Doppelpack zu Enterprise Java am 30.8.

Dieses Jahr bringen wir JavaOne Talks nach Münster – und das gleich im Doppelpack:

Enterprise Application Integration patterns for Java EE cloud

In todays heterogenous system/ application environments enterprise
developers and architects are often faced with complex integration
challenges which in many times result in moloch-like code.
The attendees will be introduced to common Enterprise Application
Integration (EAI) patterns which can easily be used to integrate JavaEE
applications into heterogenous system environments. Learn how to face
the challenges of small and medium businesses by leveraging the benefits
of Java EE 6 APIs and „Spring Integration“ and deploy your EAI
application into the cloud.

Transform batch processes into message oriented service architectures

Scalable cloud-based services are the building blocks for a future proof
application landscape. However most enterprises still rely on
traditional batch oriented data processing to support core business
processes. Learn how to handle the challenges and opportunities of the
transformation to a message oriented service architecture on the basis
of real world examples.


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