Vortrag 15.6.: Apache Tomcat to Apache TomEE (Tomitribe)


Apache Tomcat is a mainstay Java Application Server. Apache TomEE is a sister project at the Apache Software foundation that adds the entire EE Oracle certified Web Profile to this extremely well known platform. Now all you need to do is make the transition – Step one.
Enable the gradual addition of virtually every single EE technology to your application through following various trails such as CDI, RESTful WebServices, EJBs, WebServlets and SOAP Services. To complete the transition viewers will also be introduced to Arquillian driven testing and the advantages this brings in regards to ensuring application stability an any EE platform.


Andy Gumbrech (@AndyGeeDe) has been fitting in tight code since getting a Sinclair ZX81 with a whopping 1k memory back in 1982. After a rewarding military career gaining many life experiences he eventually turned his long time hobby into a professional qualification, and subsequently went on to become a lead developer on several successful local government and commercial industry projects. As a senior Java developer he has never lost his love for coding, open source and best practices within the industry and has an attention to detail, performance and infrastructure. He has been using in production environments and contributing to Apache OpenEJB/TomEE since 2009.


Ort: LVM Versicherung, Kolde-Ring 21, Raum 3.01.08 Konferenzraum II Links

Datum: 15.06.

Einlass ab 18 Uhr, Beginn des Vortrags ca. 18:30. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.


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